ReSolution: Retail POS Management System


ReSolution is the top Retail POS Management System in the UAE.


No matter what type your retail store is, ReSolution has the great ability to adapt & work as a business improvement catalyst, insuring your retail business an increase in the rates of profits & income.  


ReSolution handles your bulling, stock, queue and customer management with the most user-friendly interface there is to offer at the best price. 


ReSolution has its own customer application, which is adaptable to complete customization based on your preference.
Nothing limits you from sending your latest offers, receive your customer’s orders & update your deals on the application. 


ReSolution will increase your customers’ loyalty base, since their mobile application answers to many of their needs, such as tracking down their deliveries, suggesting to them products based on their searches, and much more. 


Success Story of ReSolution with


Do Re Mi is a place for true jewelry, and their collections are infused with vibrancy and modern intakes on the true artistry of an accessory piece.


ReSolution was able help us, as a retail-smart solution, to configure our queue management at our stores. We were also able to ease down the process of our stock management, since it contains a great technical tool that does that, easily.”  
CEO of Do Re Mi.


Do Re Mi’s efficiency is thankfully growing by the week, due to the ReSolution ‘s smart system, yet that is not everything it enhanced:


Thanks to your product, ReSolution, we now have a beautiful integrative system for customers such as the smart cards & your mobile application for our valued consumers” CEO of Do Re Mi


Therefore, Altkamul Altiqani Co. is proud to have made Do Re Mi’s stores grow due to our implementation of ReSolution