Smart Car Care: Top POS System For Car Wash & Car Centers


Smart Car Care is known to be the top POS billing & management solution for Car Wash & Car Care Centers mainly in the UAE & across the GCC.

It guarantees an increase in the sales of the car wash business, and manages to grow your customer base on a wider range due to the multiple customer loyalty tools that come with the system, such as SMS notifications & promotions, and customer loyalty cards. 


With Smart Car Care ‘s speedy process, your queue gets easily managed and trafficking is reduced by a simplified with  Smart Car Care .


 Smart Car Care , enables you to keep track & register each and every customer by creating an account on its cloud-based system which adds many benefits such as increasing your customer database, and learning what service or product that is the most purchasable from your car wash or car center’s customers.


Our Success Story With

A Plus Car Auto Center his known in the  UAE for having great & valuable deals that are extremely affordable for its regular customers, and for its speedy service.

Seeking to increase their queue management, A Plus Car Auto Center wanted a smart system that included a fully-rounded system that was extremely cost effective and well-reputed, which is where we came into the help with  Smart Car Care .

We introduced  Smart Car Care  to A Plus Car Auto Center, and provided the owner with a full-view demo and a testing phase where the owner was able to check the system and practice their daily routine, and it was our great delight to hear back from the owner shortly after that phase to inform us that  Smart Car Care ‘s efficiency has been able to provide the owner a great queue management process which was extremely adaptable with A Plus Car Auto Center.