Why do loyalty programs matter for your business?

Feb 11, 2022

The top priority of a successful businessman or an entrepreneur will always be the growth and success of the business. The path to business success can be a daunting task. Beyond selling products or services, you have to attract and maintain your customers to keep your business afloat. Finding ways to delight and stay connected with your customers can help you remain competitive even during pandemic days.

The customer loyalty program can be an effective way to build the relationship, engage customers and boost retention. It is a type of marketing strategy where customers are rewarded for their purchases which allows them to engage with the brand. Discounts, free products or services, or loyalty points are the various reward types available for the customers.

A dedicated customer loyalty program is a great way to express your gratitude towards your customers!

Designing a tailored loyalty program for your business can help you stay out of the crowd and retain your important customers. It’s beneficial for your customers, let us focus on the benefits your business can redeem from a good customer loyalty program.

Increased customer satisfaction

Customers will feel valued and appreciated with a loyalty program or reward point system. A customer loyalty program is a pivotal point for businesses to build an engaged and loyal customer base. Altkamul provides customizable loyalty programs which can be designed according to your business needs. This allows you to stay in touch with your customers and encourage them to repeat purchases.

Higher customer retention & increased revenue

if you want to build your business high, then you must be concerned about customer retention. When you have customers who return to buy more than your business will attain long-term success. According to a study, it is found that increasing client retention by 5% can help you achieve a 25% profit on your business. A loyalty program can be the best way to improve your customer retention. Let your business stand out from the crowd! Design a unique loyalty program, attract and repeat customers which will skyrocket your sales and revenue.

Insight into your customer’s needs

Developing a unique loyalty program needs planning and the right tools which empowers the rewarding system. Here are two important things to consider before designing your customer loyalty program;

How to start a loyalty program for your business?

Developing a unique loyalty program needs planning and the right tools which empowers the rewarding system. Here are two important things to consider before designing your customer loyalty program;

Creating a flexible rewarding system

The first step is to understand your customer requirements and offer a flexible reward program that will be meaningful for them. For example, Altkamul’s NFC cards solution is a contactless system for mobile payments. The point-of-sale system work well with the NFC cards and is used during points redemption / crediting from/to customer’s account. NFC cards can be programmed for the following use case scenarios:

  • Points
  • Deals
  • Discounts
  • Subscription / Membership
  • Gift
Setting up the reward process

Customer loyalty program is more than just a rewarding system!
Integrating a loyalty program with the best POS system in the UAE or a management system will help the business owner to create a long-term relationship between the customer and the business while acknowledging regular customers and awarding them points based on their purchase. The NFC cards can be customised with a logo or design which can also be reused indefinitely.
Create an attractive reward system that fits your company’s needs and strengthens your customer loyalty.
It is critical for a business to build a deeper relationship with the customers and earn their loyalty. Delight and engage your customers through smart loyalty programs which can help you earn brand loyalty. Create the right customer loyalty program for your business and deliver a memorable experience for your customers.