About Us

A progressive software company, that produces smart technological solutions and business tools that aim to provide effective enhancements to clients, business owners & customers.


Who We Are?

We are an eclectic group of professionals that are dedicated to create and provide numerously efficient solutions and customized gadgets, from a technological aspect. Our mind-set is incomparable and unique towards client servicing and creative solutions.


How We Operate

Altkamul Altiqani Computers has a dynamic team that fuses its intellectuality to research, plan, create and provide advanced technologies that aid a variety of business owners in their operative mode.

From IT engineers, mobile app makers to marketing leaders, Altkamul Altiqani operates in a creative environment. Innovative programs, devices and software gizmos are our speciality, which matches this DNAge’s requirements.


Choose Us

We seek satisfactory levels and cherish our clients, therefore we tend to focus on understanding their needs, responding to their reports, work on multiple solutions for their concepts and provide them with the most functional and technically-advanced tool that has a long term success rate.

About Altkamul

Producing smart solutions & management tools that enhances work productivity and customer loyalty in UAE

UAE Main Office

Mohammed Al Mulla Tower - 1309, floor - 9 Al Ittihad St. Ithad Road Al Nahda,Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Telephone +971 (06) 5288988 info@altkamul.ae

Sudan branch

Floor2, Alnaylin Two Niles Towers housing complex, El Mek Nimir Avenue
Al Khurtum, Sudan
Telephone +249 (88) 460111