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about us.

A progressive software company, that produces smart technological solutions and business tools that aim to provide effective enhancements to clients, business owners & customers.

Our Products​

Serving you smart solutions that match your consumers’ needs,
through their selected preference and specified options

POS Mobile & Payment Terminals

To create a product that’s custom-built for point of sale, we have a variety of Point of sale hardware terminals which are designed by some of the top industrial engineers.

Smart E-Pay

Smart E-Pay is a point of sale solution that comes in various forms of customised softwares implemented in POS machines, which aims on enhancing & increasing the productivity and functionality of company and organization owners.

Smart Clean Pro

Smart Clean Pro is a dynamic laundry management system that tends to the stakeholders of laundry businesses. It functions in the most user-friendly format, which increases the rate of effectiveness & efficiency.

Smart Car Care

Smart Car Care is a smart carwash management systems in UAE. It is extremely simple and practical to use, and has a dynamic system that can be customised due to the service options, pricing, payment methods and data storing.


iStudent is a school bus & student tracking solution, which was manufactured to insure the security & safety to the student’s on school campus.

Groom Tech

GroomTech is a salon management system that focuses on elevating customer loyalty & business management.


ReSolution is the top retail management solution that is based on a Point of Sale system, which adapts to any retail business, making it grow in its profitability and number of loyal consumers.

Our Services

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Deep Links

These links are accessible from any platform or a connective device that redirects the user to a performing task.

Landing Pages

These pages seek the assistance to clients, who are in the need of designing & publishing their campaigns. This creative aspect has endless options of customized multimedia and visuals.

iKhair is considered to be the first Arabian application that mainly revolves around charitable payments and submissions, through various methods.

SMS Solutions

In partnering with two-major communication networks in the UAE, SMS solutions is a service that opens up doors to boosting client’s exposure, marketing strikes and empowering brand names by via SMS.

SMS Charity

SMS Charity is designed for the optimisation of charitable & humanitarian organizations, who seek a widespan of donations for a valuable and humane cause.


Our Blog

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

About Altkamul

Producing smart solutions & management tools that enhances work productivity and customer loyalty in UAE

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