Point Of Sale Terminals


Equip your business with the best Point of Sale terminals in the market that will enhance your business productivity & maintain a high rate of efficiency in performance

Our Point of Sale terminals are powered with the best features there is to offer, with a long-life battery, an offline & online processor, WiFi & data connectivity and much more.


Success Story with


It was our great pleasure to contribute a business share with one of our valuable customers, Order Green.

Order Green is a huge & luxurious station for the best car cleaning service that highly supports going green & providing the best service to each off their customers.

After our presentation to how technically advance our Point of Sale terminals are, and giving a fully-rounded demonstration, we both were keen to get into a business partnership through which Order Green purchased a bunch of our MP3+ terminals along with our additional service of customisable loyalty cards.



It was such a great pleasure to contribute & assist our new client, & since then we’ve been in continuous contact with Order Green who are constantly thanking our efforts and care for giving them what they wanted to enhance their business.